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ZOIS Limited

ZOIS Limited is a very small computer consultancy specialising in On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) on open systems and the World Wide Web. That practically means consultancy in CICS, Tuxedo and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

In order to help people understand more about these topics and distributed computing in general we've written number of small papers, explanations and technical notes, follow the links on the sections below.

If you have guessed "www.zois.com" and are surprised by this OLTP stuff, look to our other "zois" sites page and see if what you want is there.

Potential plagiarists are asked to note the source of the material you might find here and are reminded of the Bern Convention. To that silently asked question, no, you don't need to cover everything with © Copyright symbols.


[Picture:  open till]
Another transaction completed

Here's some small papers we've prepared on the subject ...

Transaction Processing Monitors

Transaction Processing Monitors (TPM) are the computer systems that do OLTP. Here are some reviews of the popular ones that we've been involved in (with some sample source code). The order is alphabetic, we've tried to be vendor neutral in true open style.

Object Oriented Transactions and the Web

Driven by extending commerce to the World Wide Web, things are moving toward an Object Oriented approach built around the programming language Java. Here's some papers on this too ...

The Unofficial Universal Jobmatch Archive

As a pro-bono service, we're scraping the UK Government's Universal Jobmatch service. The original, Unofficial National Jobcentre Plus Mirror, was work done in an indignant response to the closure of the local Jobcentre Plus office, here in Cockermouth. It has been expanded nationally and now the whole of the UK (sadly excluding Northern Ireland). Posting details are scraped off various web-sites and stored as a set of files that can be downloaded from our ftp site, as well as some other mechanisms. Elsewhere, there's more on this and also an explanation of earlier efforts.

Technical Notes

Starting from mid-June 2002 we thought it would be good to document and publish various bits of work as they are done. Folk doing similar work could find these documents using web-search engines and hopefully then find them useful. The names of these `Technical Notes' reflect the time they were written and they are mostly concerned with OLTP. In the absence of proper peer-review, and as with other parts of the web-site, we invite Feedback.


A place for:


Impressed by the efforts of Mr. DNS, we hope to provide a similar service to the Open OLTP community. Go ahead and ask Mr. OLTP. Remember that he's quite busy earning an honest crust, so questions might not be answered right away. Also some of the questions you may ask, we respectfully point out, may be better asked of your OLTP provider's support organization. Hopefully, you'll find Mr. OLTP's answers informative (if not entertaining).


ZOIS is based in the quaintly named town of Cockermouth. Although a quick search on Cockermouth produces a large number of `hits', all of these appear to be of a tawdry commercial variety, directories touting for business, that sort of thing. There's very little information on the town itself. Hopefully our meager efforts will go some way in correcting that.

Finally ...

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ZOIS Limited is registered in England, Number 2197775. The registered office is 14a, Main St, Cockermouth, CA13 9LQ.


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